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Notre financement

Our expenditure

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Our expenditure
In 2016, the Jacques Delors Institute’s expenditure amounted to approximately 1.670 million euros, showing a strong increase over 2015.
As in previous years, this expenditure was fairly evenly divided among three areas of activity:

• Expenditure linked to our analytical and research activities, which comprises the remuneration of our
research fellows and of the external authors who produce our publications under our guidance, and the
expenses that we incurred in organising research seminars;
• Expenditure linked to our dissemination, comprising the remuneration of our team members in charge of dissemination and of the communication, publication, printing and dissemination of our publications, expenses incurred in organising events for the dissemination of our research and translation costs, as well as costs incurred in funding travel, board and lodging;
• Expenditure linked to support activities and to our day-to-day running, chiefly comprising the remuneration of our administrative staff and operating costs, primarily the rent for our offices and depreciation.
Main items of expenditure for the Jacques Delors Institute 2016:

For more precisions, please consult our Annual Report 2016.


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