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Maroš Šefčovič,  Vice-President of the European Commission​
We appreciate very much the work of Jacques Delors Institute, that’s really hopeful. It is to get your ideas, to get them on time, it is sometimes what we are missing in our republic democraty. 
I would like to thank Jacques Delors Institute, your activites, especially after yesterday : they published their very impressive list of actors being active. They spread the message about Energy Union.

Jose Manuel Barroso, former president of the European Commission


The Jacques Delors Institute  is one of Europe’s foremost think tanks. Notre Europe is renowned for its original thinking on European questions and boasts some distinguished people leading its work. In particular, I pay tribute to the work of Notre Europe's Founding President, Jacques Delors and your current President, António Vitorino, who will address the meeting later today. Both Jacques Delors and António Vitorino continue to give much to the cause of European integration and we are really very grateful for that.



Jacques Delors, our founding president


We tried to form a team which could fulfil two objectives: firstly, to produce analyses and proposals, and secondly – much more difficult – to try to exercise an influence on the governments and member states of the EU.

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, former President of the JDI, former Italian Minister of Finance


What is special about the Jacques Delors Institute, compared to other policy research institutes, is that it is a European organisation based in Paris and not Brussels, and has an aspect of activism.








Elisabeth Guigou, MP and former French minister


I think that the Jacques Delors Institute is one of the most serious think tanks specialising in Europe, and its most important added value is its in-depth studies. A second asset is the presence of political leaders on its steering committee who still have influence in their countries or in the European institutions and who can transmit proposals.



Micheal Higgings, President of Ireland


Jacques Delors is a long-time friend of Ireland, and he knows us well. I am delighted that the laboratory of ideas which it created, the Jacques Delors Institute, is partner of the event which gathers us today. The immense contribution of this institute to the European intellectual debate is appreciated in Paris, in Brussels, and everywhere else.



Paul Germain, editor-in-chief, TV5:


The work of the Jacques Delors Institute is extremely useful to journalists, because in publishing reports which are both accessible and detailed you allow journalists to appear intelligent when asking questions of specialists.




Peggy Hollinger, former Paris bureau chief, Financial Times:


For me the interest of a think tank like the Jacques Delors Institute is in bringing new ideas, encouraging more in-depth thinking.

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