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Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini

Yves Bertoncini a été Directeur de l'Institut Jacques Delors (2011-2017). Il assiste le ...
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Yves Bertoncini cité dans un article de la DPA sur la zone euro

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Yves Bertoncini, notre directeur, est cité dans un article de l'agence de presse allamande, DPA, sur la zone euro, le 18 septembre 2014.


More "political" commissionYves Bertoncini, head of the Paris-based think tank Notre Europe,argued the new structure could reduce both the influence of memberstates and help build consensus for majority-based decision-making inthe Commission on deficit rules.In particular, said that the subjection of the three biggestmember states' commissioners to vice presidents from smallercountries was "symbolically powerful" and that Moscovici would havelittle way to be lax on budget rules unless allowed by a majority inthe College of Commissioners.

"Mr Moscovici will de facto be placed under surveillance and eachof his movements will be scrutinised negatively because he has acredibility deficit due to his country of origin," Bertoncini said.This would not necessarily mean a strict interpretation of theEU's budget rules, the Frenchman argued, as Juncker has promised amore "political" and less technocratic Commission. 

Bertoncini hopesthis would mean more open debate and majority decision-making as away of building consensus on policies that do not reflect meddling bymember states but pan-European interest and a "general will". 

"TheCommission is a place where national tensions can be dissipated veryeasily," he said.

Juncker has promised to respect EU deficit rules "while making thebest possible use of the flexibility" in them. The Commission canoperate by majority voting, with one vote for each of the 28commissioners regardless of member states' size, although this wasnot the practice under outgoing Commissioner President Jose ManuelBarroso.Bertoncini compared the new Commission to the European CentralBank (ECB), which in recent years has adopted radically new policiesby majority, including indirect buying of national debt. "The ECB'smandate has not been changed in the last five years, but there havebeen enormous changes in its behaviour and there have been very sharpdebates there," he said. "The president has his role and they vote bymajority.""Tensions exist but they can be overcome," he added.

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