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Sami Andoura

Sami Andoura

Sami Andoura a été chercheur senior à l'Institut Jacques Delors de 2009 à 2015. Il est ...
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La Solidarité, vecteur de cohésion ou faiblesse structurelle de la politique européenne de l'énergie ?

le 08 Janvier 2014 à 17:02
Tribune par Sami Andoura
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The main arguments to be drawn from the range of articles is that in terms of energy policy it makes more sense for national member states to think European. European solidarity is a key part of this as it will be cheaper in the long-run and will give more predictable signals for planning and investment. Action needs to be taken now to push the policy forward. Energy savings are reachable and should be crucial in driving European energy policy in the right direction.

This is a product of FEPS energy focus group which gathers thoughts from various contributors into a collection of articles. It was launched at a conference held this week in Budapest on 10th-11th December 2013 which focused on the topic of "Sustainable energy policy for the consumers, the solution is European," which was jointly organised with the Tancsics Foundation.

The publication is also available to read online by clicking here

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